Sustainable Transformation, Securing Canada’s Future

Why build a new transportation and communication corridor across Canada?

Canada ProsperUnity Corridor (CPUC) will:

  • Strengthen resilience to climate change-induced extreme weather incidents. CPUC will add capacity and, in the event of natural or civil disruption, redundancy to the national transportation network.
  • Transform the quality and efficiency of Canada’s main east-west interprovincial trade corridors. CPUC will include several infrastructure elements including an alternative national highway route along with a new east-west rail line. 
  • Enhance access for Indigenous People in Canada’s mid-north that will help achieve the Canada plan for Indigenous Communities. CPUC will transform access for rural and Indigenous People and create a national trust fund to support and enable reconciliation.
  • Enable clean energy transition. CPUC will build a utility corridor, entirely within Canada, which will transport clean energy (hydrogen, ammonia, hydroelectric power) and will open access to domestic and export markets to Canada’s mineral resources including rare earths necessary for batteries.
  • Ensure energy security for Canadians as world energy security is under attack. CPUC will enable the Energy Transition to ensure energy security as we seek to reduce reliance on foreign sources.
  • Bring substantial infrastructure north of the 54th parallel, asserting Canada’s sovereignty over northern and arctic regions. Current actions by the US and Canada over the NW passage show importance of this position. CPUC will add strong northern presence for Canada’s territorial sovereignty. 
  • Contribute significantly to the Canadian economy, in the range of a 7.5% net increase based on 2021 GDP as reported by Statistics Canada. 
Building the national pathway for Energy Transition to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions​.
Powering Canada with renewable, low carbon electricity.

Connecting people and resources within mid-Canada to trade and import and export for people and resources.

Providing connections digitally for rural Canadians, Indigenous communities and rural resource businesses to the rest of Canada and the world.
Access and Opportunity for people and businesses in Mid-Canada to connect with the rest of Canada and the world for necessities and trade.

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